Ant Hire appoints new Vertform Demonstrator

Posted by Catherine Ingleby on 24-Oct-2017 15:00:00

Welcome to our latest blog!

Today we’d like to announce that we’ve a new Vertform Demonstrator to tell you all about, in the form of our very own Tony Cannings.

Tony already has 17 years experience with us, as lead supervisor for our Vertform product and this is exactly why we think he’s absolutely perfect for this role.

So, what does Tony’s new role actually entail?

Well, his main function will be to support customers and help them to find solutions to their business challenges. This could take the form of on-site assistance or by just being there to offer his advice and guidance and generally giving our customers the benefit of his undoubted experience.

For newly acquired customers, Tony will be there every step of the way, to assist with their first few initial installations, also providing them with vital on-site training, to give them peace of mind and ensure they get the most out of the Vertform product.

He’ll also be on hand to provide technical support to existing customers, to drive better understanding of Vertform’s capabilities and be there at the initial drawing and planning stage, providing his desktop knowledge to find solutions for the customer – so Tony’s going to be a busy boy!

We asked Tony what his appointment meant for the customer; “They’ll be able to see the Vertform solution provided in-situ and also have somebody on site to ask any specific questions they might have.”

We went on to ask Tony about the benefits for customers of his appointment; “It will mean they'll become familiar with Vertform much quicker, which means they will also see utilisation improvements and its much more likely they will repeat hire Vertform, to help them create watertight inverts every time. I see myself as the customer’s dedicated ‘go-to’ person, who speaks their language and understands their challenges.”

The point Tony makes above regarding utilisation improvements is an excellent one and we’ve anecdotal reports that when customers are provided with right hands-on training and guidance, they do indeed get a better ‘feel’ for the product and what it can do. This leads to increased productivity on-site – one customer reporting up to a 50% increase in productivity - which in turn saves the contractor both time and money.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Vertform has great features and benefits for both contractors and clients alike and you can find all this information at

We are certain that Tony will settle into his new role very quickly, given his vast experience, and we look forward to him making it a great success!


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