High fives to IWJS for extending their robotic cutter range!

Posted by Catherine Ingleby on 16-Jan-2018 10:00:00

Welcome to another blog, which today focuses on our range of robotic lateral cutters and in particular the IMS Automatic Plus robotic cutter.

Recently, our client IWJS, the national wastewater management specialists have further extended their range of this versatile cutter by purchasing two more units, to make five in total, making it their most popular cutter.

It’s no surprise that they like it though, given its flexibility for use in pipes from 80 to 250mm and excellent manoeuvrability around bends up to 90 degrees in 100mm pipes, the Automatic Plus robotic cutter really does know how to get the job done!

Here are just a few more reasons why it’s such a popular hire and sale product:

  • Specifically designed to re-open laterals, after reinstatement work in re-lined 80-250mm pipe diameters
  • A powerful air-driven cutting motor
  • The Automatic Plus comes with a 50m supply hose
  • It has an integrated colour camera with air and water cleaning
  • Sale unit can be specified with the latest control unit and tablet PC
  • Hire unit comes with standard control panel and small monitor

Here’s Chris Keeling, Contracts Manager at IWJS, to tell us why they love the IMS Automatic Plus cutter so much…

“We already had three IMS Micro Automatic Plus robots within IWJS, two of which have been under my direct control at our Manchester depot, and we have been using them day in, day out on our utility contracts since around 2013.

We have found them to be a very reliable product that requires very little maintenance. Due to the climb and creep design of the robot and the equipment being relatively portable, we have also found that the product is truly in its element when cutting and reopening on ex Sec 24 drainage - where crawler based cutters would either struggle to reach from the highway or the rigid crawler finds it almost impossible to navigate the bends.

It is really a combination of all of the above reasons that we have chosen to purchase two more units as our volume of utility works increase!”

Added to the above, you’ll also find the Automatic Plus features:

  • IP54 splash proof rating
  • 100mm of axial cutting head movement, reducing the need to continually reposition the lateral cutter during the rehabilitation procedure
  • Pneumatic clamping unit holding the cutter firmly in place, allowing usage in vertical pipes
  • Perfect for small access openings
  • A powerful, joystick controlled air motor
  • Compact wheeled trolley for ease of mobility.

And remember, we offer full training on the cutter and our usual excellent after sales service.

Special thanks go to Chris and his team at IWJS for taking time out to talk to us and congratulations to them for celebrating 40 years of leading the way in water and drainage services across the UK in 2017!

To find our more about the Automatic Plus robotic cutter you can click here.

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We’ll have another blog for you very soon, so keep an eye out!

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