Ant Hire jets to Finland to better understand Picote Miller Range.

Posted by Catherine Ingleby on 06-Nov-2017 10:59:00

Picote Milling Machines are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, for fast and efficient drain cleaning from things such as the removal of wrinkles from collapsed and damaged CIPP liners and patches, soft blockages, scale/calcium build-up and tree roots, to concrete and lead deposits, failed gaskets and even imperfections in the pipe

Recently, the Ant Hire technical team had the amazing opportunity to spend time with Picote, over in Finland, really getting under the skin of their Maxi Miller product.

At Ant Hire, we pride ourselves in our product knowledge, whether it’s a sale or hire item, and the aim of the visit to Finland was to ensure that our fleet is not only well maintained but also serviced at the very highest levels for all our customers.

So the chance to go to Picote’s home in Finland for training was far too tempting to refuse! Especially when it was an opportunity to understand the Miller cleaning, cutting and removal tool features and benefits, directly from the company who invented the range and continue to pioneer its development.

The visit itself was organised by Ian Ramsey of IRR Trenchless Technology 

Ian commented, “When hiring technical equipment, you need to be sure you know how to operate it and that it comes to you with confidence that it will work, straight out of the box.

Ian picked Ant Hire as  he understood the value of our reputation for excellence in service and maintenance and, together with our brand integrity; we were a perfect solution for Picote.

Whilst in Finland, the Ant Hire team spent a great deal of time with the product experts at Picote, who developed the Miller range, learning how to service and maintain the product. They were also lucky enough to experience the Millers’ capabilities ‘on site’, attending actual live jobs and really got to understand the tasks and demands that the equipment will be put through in the UK.

One thing that sets Picote out from the crowd as industry problem solvers is their range of consumables - in fact, our very own Alex Scott and Jordan Kitchen, both from Ant Hire’s technical team, received very thorough product awareness training, across all the Picote cleaning & cutting heads and chains.


So, Ant Hire, supported by Ian Ramsey, can now provide an absolutely unrivalled service on the entire Miller range of products.

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