Lancashire pipe liner removal almost goes ‘belly up’

Posted by Catherine Ingleby on 09-Jan-2018 11:00:00

Today’s blog takes us across the Pennines, from Ant Hire’s home in Leeds and into neighbouring Lancashire.

Our friends at ER Technical Services (, a Southport-based company, offering proactive solutions to the drainage industry, were tackling a tricky job to remove a full 20-metres of drain liner.

The job was made more complex - and the removal trickier - with the discovery of what’s known as a ‘belly’ in the pipe and an unusual pipe gradient!

A ‘belly’ (sometimes also called a ‘low area’ or ‘sag’) can be caused by things like soil erosion, foundation settlement or even a geological event, such as flooding or a landslip.

Once this occurs, unlike channelling where trenchless repairs can be an option, there is little solution other than to dig up and replace the pipes using conventional methods.

On hire from us was the IMS Drive Robotic Cutter, a robust cutting robot for small and main sewers, suitable for pipes ranging from 150mm to 400mm in diameter.

It’s a very well-equipped cutter with the following features:

  • Joystick control for amazingly precise control
  • A powerful air-driven cutting engine with a maximum driving speed 20m/min
  • Removable 3.5" colour LCD monitor
  • Integrated colour camera with air cleaning.
  • Supply hose package of up to 150m of cable (100m on the hire system)
  • Lightweight design allows use without a crane or winch
  • Auto monitoring of internal pressure & visual signalling for damage prevention
  • IP54 rated Splash water protection
  • Picture and video storage capability (on SD card)
  • A variety of cutting tools available.

Sean Popple, who is Business Development Manager at ER Technical Services, said the following:

“We had real trouble getting the liner out of the pipe once we’d cut it, due to the discovery of the ‘belly’ in the pipe. We ended up having to cut the liner into several sections just to be able in to get the liner out! However, the biggest obstacle was the unusual gradient of the pipe itself!

The IMS Drive cutter did make a difficult job much easier and it performed very well indeed cutting through the liner very easily – great piece of kit and perfect for this job!”

We’d like to thank Sean and his team for taking time out to speak with us and provide the information in this blog – thanks Sean and team!

Remember, we provide full training on our IMS range of cutters for all first time users and a full after sales service, with a dedicated repair centre and experienced technicians.

If you’d like more information about the IMS Drive Robotic Cutter or any other part of the Ant Hire range, just get in touch on 0333 567 3192 

 We’ll be back soon with another blog!

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